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NHK Policy on Protection of Personal Information

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1.There is no participation fee. Delegates are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation expenses. The JAPAN PRIZE reserves the right to cancel events due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a cancellation, we will not be held accountable for any additional expenses which may be incurred by delegates, such as cancellation charges for flights and accommodation.

2.The JAPAN PRIZE will take official photo, video or audio recordings of the sessions. Delegates authorize the JAPAN PRIZE to use the recordings for live or deferred worldwide distribution via broadcast and/or online and on the JAPAN PRIZE official website, Facebook, print materials, online campaigns, and for distribution for informational and/or promotional purposes.

3.Delegates may be asked to present photo ID.

4.The events in the above have the purpose of contributing to the improvement of educational content through cooperation and exchange among delegates. Anyone who conducts activities not related to those purposes or who causes undue disturbance to others may be asked to leave and/or will be declined entry in the future.

5.Acceptance of this application is subject to the decision of the organizer. It may not be accepted for reasons other than those specified herein. Once your application has been confirmed and approved, you will receive a “Delegate ID Number” from the Secretariat within a week via email. If the application is not approved, you will not receive the email and the organizer will not provide the reason.

6.Your name, nationality, organization, job title and country/region will be listed in the JAPAN PRIZE 2017 Delegate Portal before and during the JAPAN PRIZE period and the Official Report which will be distributed to individuals and organizations affiliated with the JAPAN PRIZE and NHK such as past and present jurors, delegates, entering organizations, and other supporters of the JAPAN PRIZE after the event.

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